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Entry requirements

Conditions for Admission

  • Master’s degree;
  • Professional publication activities.

For details please see the official document on the admission procedure.

Entrance Examination

    • The entrance examination is oral and shall take place in front of the Entrance Examination Committee. The Entrance Examination Committee consists of at least three members appointed by the Dean of the Faculty, on a recommendation by the Board of Doctoral Studies.

    The Entrance Examination Committee shall assess the following:

    a.    the applicant’s master’s degree,
    b.    the applicant’s PhD project (0 – 15 points),
    c.    the applicant’s publications (0 – 5 points) and
    d.    the applicant’s orientation in the field of law of information and communication technologies (0 – 15 points).

    • The criteria in (a), (b) and (c) are assessed by the Admission Committee in a desk review. To pass the desk review, the applicant must show an existing or upcoming master’s degree in law or similar field, obtain at least 10 points for criterion in para. (b) and obtain at least 1 point for criterion in para. (c).
    • Should the condition specified be met by more applicants than the opened positions, then the Entrance Examination Committee shall recommend to the Dean to admit the applicants in the order according to the number of points obtained. The Entrance Examination Committee may recommend a different order, shall there be a reason worthy of special consideration.

    For details please see the official document on the admission procedure.

    Administrative contact:

    Mgr. Vendula Strnadová

    Phone number: 549 49 8029
    Room: 108

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