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Programme details


The Law of Information and Communication Technologies (Cyberlaw) programme aims at legal issues associated with development and deployment of IT. The curriculum covers traditional areas such as privacy, security, property, eCommerce, eGovernment, eJustice etc. as well as novel challenges and blue-sky research in AI or quantum technologies.

Study plan

Please see the official programme catalogue for the overview of courses.

Ph.D. theses topics

The following illustrative topics fall within the degree programme:

  • Information sovereignty
  • Informational self-determination
  • Freedom of speech online (incl. hate-speech, fake news)
  • Cybersecurity Law
  • Cyber-defense Law
  • Cybercrime
  • Digital evidence
  • Protection of privacy and personal data
  • Public sector information (incl. freedom of information)
  • Platforms
  • ISP liability
  • AI regulation and liability
  • Algorithmic justice
  • Algorithmic state
  • eGovernment
  • eJustice
  • eFinance
  • Digital assets
  • Smart contracts, blockchain-based transactions
  • Electronic gaming, internet gambling
  • Software law
  • Legal protection of multimedia

Members of the Institute

Administrative contact:

Mgr. Vendula Strnadová

Phone number: 549 49 8029
Room: 108

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