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Legal Theory
and Public Affairs

Who should be interested?

The programme is designed for promising researchers keen to explore the opportunities legal and political theory offer to critically engage with law in its contemporary global environment as well practitioners (solicitors, in-house practitioners, public servants, judicial officials etc.) looking for new challenges and striving to broaden their understanding of legal concepts and instruments. You will evolve into a well-rounded researcher or scholar who is able to situate legal research within a theoretical framework which draws upon key philosophical approaches to the social sciences.

The approach

You will be taught by leading experts. The programme covers the major substantive issues and debates, including theoretical perspectives as well as research methods. The programme is not only taught by in-house academic staff, but also by leading researchers from around Europe.

Our approach is concerned with the philosophical foundations of law and with the development and application of critical perspectives. It addresses a variety of substantive fields and institutions of law. Contributing to events run by our experts will enable you to network and work alongside leading scholars.

The curriculum

The curriculum consists primarily of tutored research in the field of doctoral thesis. In addition, there are doctoral sessions, colloquia and tutored distance learning.

The programme could be studied as full-time (on-site) or as combined (i.e presence on site not required, however the student has to still attend the needed colloqiums/discussions/consultations/workshops in person).

Profiles of graduates

The mission of the four-year PhD program is to prepare highly qualified specialists for specialised scientific and research professions in law, analysts developing advanced tools and methods of law analysis and specialists dealing with complex legal issues and examining the role and position of law in society. The program aims to master the theoretical knowledge necessary for a deep analysis of law in the context of legal sciences and other disciplines reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of law. An interdisciplinary approach accepting sociological, ethnographic, anthropological, psychological or political (and other) methodology makes it possible to recognise the law in a broader social context and to emphasise its characteristics. The aim of the study is also to master practical knowledge and skills to enable the graduates to work as researchers employing independent and responsible judgement, to engage in research teams and to cope with the requirements of the current standardised scientific environment.

Upon successful completion of studies, the graduate can:

  • Analyse current trends in legal theory and philosophy.
  • Master specific methods of knowledge of the law and analyse its present form in society.
  • Compare specific methods of law analysis and understand their use.
  • Propose independent legal research and use different scientific disciplines in studying law.
  • Understand the law in the broader social context.
  • Identify common problems of law and society and the general trends.
  • Develop tools for examining law and its role in society.
  • Develop, evaluate and design theories, concepts and methods in multidisciplinary law studies.
  • Evaluate new knowledge and ideas, considering the long-term social consequences of their use.
  • Plan large-scale scientific, research and creative activities, and obtain and plan resources for their realisation.


Programme Director Martin Hapla
Field of study Legal Theory and Public Affairs
Degree doctoral (Ph.D.)
Language English
Study format full-time study / part-time
Venue Brno / Prague
Positions 0
Tuition fee per semester 6 250 CZK (approx. 250 EUR)
  • scholarships covering up to full tuition fees are available upon a special request for up to 2 students per year
  • Scholarship programme
Admission requirements
  • Master's degree
  • At least C1 English language skills
  • Comprehensive research proposal (min. 7200 characters)
  • CV including a list of publications
Start Date -
Deadline for Applications -


Doctoral Board

Administrative contact:

Mgr. Ivana Hovořáková, Ph.D.

Phone number: 549 49 4017
Address: Budova PrF MU, Veveří 70, 611 80 Brno
Room: 108

This programme was created in project Transitional Jurisprudence (CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_018/0002597) supported by the ESF.

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